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Protect By Reducing Acid

Episolve GI provides natural heartburn relief by acting as an esophageal protectant by reducing the acid  load on the esophageal gastric junction, and protecting the musoca. Episolve GI creates a barrier between the mucosa and acid, which gives the body time to heal. EpisolveGI ia a dietary supplement that helps to alleviate acid reflux disease symptoms, also known as GERD. EpisolveGI is a naturally enhanced antacid. It is made of calcium carbonate and Vitamin E, and is naturally enhanced using extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil has been used as a natural cure or remedy for different disease ailments in...

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Longer Lasting Relief

Episolve GI lasts for hours as a remedy for acid reflux and heartburn. The supplement can be taken for immediate relief or it can be taken at nighttime as a preventative measure. Long lasting wellness while you sleep. EpisolveGI acts as a medium acting antacid. Short term supplements and drugs, such as tums and other common antacids, work from a matter of seconds to a matter of minutes. Long term antacids start acting within an hour and continue on for multiple hours into the day (8-24hr) by reducing acid production. Common prescription drugs for long term relief include proton pump...

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